COCOF in Inglese

27. COCOF_08-0014-02-EN pubblicato il 25/07/2008

Guidance Document on the Functions of the Certifying Authority for the 2007-2013 Programming Period

28. COCOF_08-0019-01-EN pubblicato il 06/06/2008

Guidance document on a common methodology for the assessment of management and control systems in the Member States (2007-2013 programming period)

29. COCOF_08-0020-04-EN pubblicato il 05/06/2008

Guidance document on management verifications to be carried out by Member States on operations co-financed by the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund for the 2007 – 2013 programming period

20. COCOF_07-0071-03-EN pubblicato il 23/04/2008

European Transparency Initiative: Implementation of the Financial Regulation regarding the publication of data on beneficiaries of Community Funds under the shared management mode

15. COCOF_07-0037-03-EN pubblicato il 29/11/2007

Guidelines for determining financial corrections to be made to expenditure co-financed by the structural funds or the cohesion fund for non-compliance with the rules on public procurement

17. COCOF_07-0039-01-EN pubblicato il 06/08/2007

Guidance Note on the Compliance Assessment exercise (under Article 71 of Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006)

16. COCOF_07-0038-01-EN pubblicato il 06/08/2007

Guidance Note on the Audit Strategy (under Article 62 of Council Regulation (EC) N°1083/2006)

11. COCOF_07-0018-01-EN pubblicato il 16/07/2007

Note of the Commission services on Financial Engineering in the 2007-13 programming period

18. COCOF_07-0045-01-EN pubblicato il 04/07/2007

Information note of Commission services regarding ERDF support to SMEs

14. COCOF_07-0029-01-EN pubblicato il 15/06/2007

Note of the Commission services No. 7 - Note of Commission services regarding eligible expenditure in the 2007-13 programming period

9. COCOF_07-0009-01-EN pubblicato il 14/06/2007

Note of the Commission services No. 2 - Programming of technical assistance in the 2007-2013 period

13. COCOF_07-0028-00-EN pubblicato il 01/04/2007

Indicative guidelines on evaluation methods: evaluation during the programming period - working document No. 5

10. COCOF_2007-0012-00-EN pubblicato il 28/02/2007

Information paper No. 1 - Earmarking

8. COCOF_07-0008-01-EN pubblicato il 15/01/2007

Note of the Commission services No. 3 - Co-financing of expenditure by Structural Funds or Cohesion Fund and another Community Financial Instrument

7. COCOF_06-0017-03-EN pubblicato il 08/01/2007

Measuring structural funds employment effects - Working document n° 6

1. COCOF_06-0007-00-EN pubblicato il 01/09/2006

Working document No.3: Commission methodological paper giving guidelines on the calculation of public or equivalent structural spending for the purposes of additionality

5. COCOF_06-0012-00-EN pubblicato il 30/08/2006

Information note to the Commitee for Co-ordination of Funds

4. COCOF_06-0010-00-EN pubblicato il 01/08/2006

Indicative guidelines on evaluation methods: monitoring and evaluation indicators - Working Document No. 2

3. COCOF_06-0009-00-EN pubblicato il 01/08/2006

Information note on evaluation methods: ex-ante evaluation

2. COCOF_06-0008-00-EN pubblicato il 01/08/2006

Working Document No.4: Guidance on the methodology for carrying out cost-benefit analysis

6. COCOF_06-0015-00-EN pubblicato il 15/06/2006

Note to Mr. Jean-Charles Leygues, Deputy Director General, DG Regio Eligibility to the European territorial cooperation objective under cohesion policy 2007-2013