COCOF in Inglese

51. COCOF_13-0089-01-EN pubblicato il 18/07/2013

Guidance note to the COCOF amendment to major project decisions and its impact on the exceptions to the automatic decommitment.

30. COCOF_08-0021-03-EN pubblicato il 04/04/2013

Guidance on sampling methods for audit authorities (Under Article 62 of Council Regulation (EC) N° 1083/2006, Article 16, including Annex IV, of Commission Regulation (EC) N° 1828/2006 and Articles 61 of Council Regulation (EC) N° 1198/2006, Article 42.

50. COCOF_12-0059-01-EN pubblicato il 21/11/2012

Guidance note to the COCOF verification of compliance with state aid rules in infrastructure cases

26. COCOF_08-0012-03-EN pubblicato il 06/07/2012

Guidance note on article 55(6) of Regulation (ec) n. 1083/2006

49. COCOF_12-0050-01-EN pubblicato il 29/03/2012

Guidance note to the COCOF on treatment of retrospective EU assistance during the period 2007-2013

48. COCOF_12-0047-02-EN pubblicato il 29/03/2012

Guidance note on major projects spanning over two programming periods 

44. COCOF_10-0014-05-EN pubblicato il 08/02/2012

Revised Guidance Note on Financial Engineering Instruments under Article 44 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006

46. COCOF_11-0040-01-EN pubblicato il 19/01/2012

Guidance note on indicative contents and Structure for the national strategic reports 2012

47. COCOF_11-0041-01-EN pubblicato il 07/12/2011

Guidance on treatment of errors disclosed in the annual control reports

24. COCOF_08-0006-06-EN pubblicato il 15/05/2011

Revised guidance note on major projects in the programming period 2007-2013: threshold and contents of Commission decisions

45. COCOF_10-0024-01-EN pubblicato il 28/01/2011

Guidance note on the implementation of integrated housing interventions in favour of marginalised communities under the ERDF

22. COCOF_07-0074-09-EN pubblicato il 30/11/2010

Revised guidance note on article 55 for ERDF and CF of Council Regulation (EC) no 1083/2006: revenue-generating projects

31. COCOF_08-0034-04-EN pubblicato il 30/06/2010

Guidance note on Eligibility of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Interventions under the ERDF and the Cohesion Fund (2007-2013) in the building sector including housing

21. COCOF_07-0073-03-EN pubblicato il 30/06/2010

Guidance note to the COCOF major projects / aid schemes and the automatic decommitment rule for the period 2007-2013

32. COCOF_08-0043-03-EN pubblicato il 21/04/2010

Guidance note on partial closure (under article 88 of Regulation (ec) no 1083/2006)

43. COCOF_10-0002-02-EN pubblicato il 17/03/2010

Guidance note to Certifying Authorities on reporting on withdrawn amounts, recovered amounts, amounts to be recovered and amounts considered irrecoverable, applicable to programming period 2007-2013 and the remainder of the 2000-2006 programming period

42. COCOF_09-0025-04-EN pubblicato il 28/01/2010

Indirect costs declared on a flat rate basis; Flat rate costs calculated by application of standard scales of unit costs; Lump sums. Article 11.3 (b) of Regulation (EC) No 1081/2006 as amended by Regulation (EC) No 396/2009 Article 7.4 of Regulation (EC) No 1080/2006 as amended by Regulation (EC) No 397/2009

19. COCOF_07-0063-09-EN pubblicato il 20/01/2010

Guidance Note on the Annual Summary in relation to Structural Actions and the European Fisheries Fund (revised 2009) (under Article 53b (3) of amended Financial Regulation1)

41. COCOF_09-0036-01-EN pubblicato il 07/12/2009

Calculating interim payments and payments of the final balance (Art.77 of Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006) and related audit issues

36. COCOF_09-0006-03-EN pubblicato il 01/12/2009

Note to the attention of the Audit Authorities for the programming period 2007-2013

40. COCOF_09-0023-00-EN pubblicato il 28/05/2009

Audit reference manual for the Structural Funds

38. COCOF_09-0018-01-EN pubblicato il 18/05/2009

Information note: Indicative structure for the national strategic reports 2009

37. COCOF_09-0008-02-EN pubblicato il 18/05/2009

Information Note: Reporting of categorisation data under Article 11 of Regulation N° 1828/2006

39. COCOF_09-0022-00-EN pubblicato il 04/05/2009

Indicative Guidelines on evaluation methods: reporting on core indicators for the European Regional development fund and the Cohesion Fund - draft working document no. 7

12. COCOF_07-0021-04-EN pubblicato il 26/02/2009

Financing, by the 2007-2013 technical assistance allocation of the technical assistance tasks of the 2000-06 programmes

33. COCOF_09-0002-01-EN pubblicato il 23/02/2009

Guidance note on the concept of Reliance on the work of other auditors

35. COCOF_09-0004-01-EN pubblicato il 18/02/2009

Guidance note on annual control reports and opinions [Article 62 (1) (d)(i) & (ii) of Council Regulation (EC) 1083/2006]

34. COCOF_09-0003-00-EN pubblicato il 18/02/2009

Information Note on Fraud Indicatorsfor ERDF, ESF and CF

23. COCOF_08-0002-03-EN pubblicato il 22/12/2008

Guidance note on financial engineering

25. COCOF_08-0008-02-EN pubblicato il 22/09/2008

Interpretation of the Lead beneficiary principle under Articles 19 and 20 of Regulation (EC) No 1080/2006, especially concerning joint bodies such as EGTCs